Drew Sacheli


A traditional barber at heart, Drew Sacheli left a career in nursing to become a licensed Barber in New York. She later completed advanced training at Schorem Haarsnijder & Barbier’s Old School Barber Academy in Rotterdam, Holland. From fades to shaves, Drew is passionate about her craft and loves creating impeccably tailored skin fades and clean, precise shapes. Visit Drew for her expert clipper and scissor skills and her friendly, down-to-earth vibe.

Neil Brill


Neil was born and raised right here in Vancouver. A father of two, Neil graduated from the London School of Barbering and was mentored by Belmont's owner and senior barber Rich Hope. Neil's creativity and natural skillset, along with his passion for barbering, make him a great choice for your next haircut.

Phil Dalton


Originally from Ireland, Phil Dalton is an award winning barber with over 5 years experience. Using a combination of traditional barbering and modern styling he can create just about any look you’re after, from tight fades to longer styles or even business cuts. Phil can talk the ear off just about anything but loves to chat music, travel, beer and MMA.

Rich Hope

Senior Barber

With 8 years under his belt, Mr. Hope is the Owner/Operator and proven cornerstone of The Belmont. He is a musician, songwriter, father, husband, epicurean and an Edmonton Oilers fan till death. If you don't see him at the Belmont, be sure to catch him on one of the many stages throughout the city.