Rich Hope

Senior Barber

With 8 years under his belt, Mr. Hope is the Owner/Operator and proven cornerstone of The Belmont. He is a musician, songwriter, father, husband, epicurean and an Edmonton Oilers fan till death. If you don’t see him at the Belmont, be sure to catch him on one of the many stages throughout the city.

Ryan Shimozawa


Meet Ryan Shimozawa. A longtime client of The Belmont, Ryan began his quest for fire under the mentorship of Belmont founder Dustin Fishbook and has continued it under the watchful eye of Master Barber Rich Hope. He has worked for many years in the hospitality industry and brings his meticulous work ethic and wealth of customer-service experience to every haircut he gives. When not at The Belmont, Ryan enjoys spending time with his wife, exploring Vancouver’s culinary landscape. Need a restaurant recommendation or a recipe for a good cocktail, along with a quality haircut? He’s your guy!

Lydia Buxton


Master Barber Lydia Buxton is an artist at heart. She credits her parents’ foresight in finding a barbering apprenticeship during her high school years. With over a decade of experience, she continues to offer snappy precision cuts and soothing traditional hot shaves. An art school graduate, Lydia also moonlights as a contemporary metalsmith, producing jewelery through her line, Lydi of the Valley.